YOu have a Project. we have a strategy.

Sensible Solutions

We provide you with practical and easy solutions for your business and home.

Forward Thinking

We are experts in organization and project management.

Beyond The Box

We strongly believe in delivering innovative strategies that make your life easier.

Our Client Strategy

We take care of the little things, so you can focus on the big things.

We're here to help you, with whatever you need.

You work hard Mon-Fri.  You may have children which require more of your attention once you get home.  Your Saturdays and Sundays are filled with errands and chores.  Then you get up on Monday and start the cycle all over again.  If this sounds familiar, we can help.  Let us take care of some of those errands, chores, and projects.

Take back your evenings and weekends.  

Take Back Your Personal Time

MyJenn, LLC

Professional Organizing & Personal Assistants