MyJenn, LLC

Professional Organizing & Personal Assistants

Meet Jennifer Riley, CEO ofMyJenn

​I've spent the last decade working for top level executives in New York City, Orlando, Tampa and Boulder.  I've done everything from organizing huge corporate retreats, to making hair appointments, to unpacking and organizing a new residence, to organizing a garage. I want to bring my skills to you.  

About MyJenn

How itWorks


It's simple really, everyone could use a little help.  Is your home office a disaster area with no organization?  Can you no longer park in your garage?  Are you planning to finally finish that basement but need help clearing it out and finding storage space? 

Are you getting the house repainted, but can't take the time off work to oversee the project?  Are you a small business owner that needs the occasional office help?  Do you have a big presentation coming up at work and need a practiced eye to look over your PowerPoint?  Do you have 30 Thank You notes to send out after your kids birthday party?  You finally have time to go on the vacation of your dreams, but no time to plan it?

This is where MyJenn comes in

Do you need a full-time personal assistant or organizer, probably not.  But could you use one a few hours each week, month, or just for that one household project you haven't had time to finish.  The answer is probably yes.

We can take care of all those details for you.  We can keep your life organized and running smoothly.  Whether it's a personal project or a professional one, we can help.